How to Get Involved

By visiting this website you have
already taken a huge step towards
 helping raise awareness of PKD.

But what can you do next?



We are increasing awareness of PKD through social media, driven by the hashtag: #BumpPKD

You can get involved by ‘fist bumping’ with your family members or friends, before nominating three others in your network to do the same. By creating your own viral video you can help make people aware of PKD and encourage your friends to do the same. Share posts and encourage the online world to Give PKD the Bump.

Visit the social wall for some inspiration and to see how other people are helping to raise awareness for PKD.

Make a Viral Video



Show your support by buying a PKD pin badge and encourage your friends to do the same.

Buy your pin now online to show your support

Buy a Pin



Go along to a Give PKD the Bump fundraising event in your local area.

Keep an eye out for what is happening in your area through social media and promotional posters.

See Local Events Near You



Charitable donations are key to fund PKD research and to ultimately Give PKD the Bump.

By hosting fundraising events you are helping to increase awareness and knowledge of the disease. We have provided some ideas for fundraising below, but get creative and think above and beyond these ideas for your own event.

Remember to share your event on social media using the hashtag; #BumpPKD.

Cake Sale

Arrange a ‘bigger’ cake sale or competition within your community, with participants encouraged to make cakes four times larger than usual

Set the Record

Gather the community together and attempt a world record for the largest collective fist bump. Post on social media using the hashtag #BumpPKD

Play Games

Arrange a paper, scissors, fist bump league where participants are encouraged to donateto take part, and the winner receives half the money raised

Non Uniform Days

Organise a non-uniform day within your workplace and/or local schools where those who take part are encouraged to wear clothes that are four times larger than usual


Take part in a sponsored run, walk or climb, and encourage friends and family to support youand donate, or get involved themselves

You can promote your events using our free online poster generator

These posters can be downloaded directly from the website and displayed within your local community to promote your fundraising event and make people aware of how they can help to Give PKD the Bump.

Find out more about organising local fundraising events and how to implement initiatives within your local community in our #BumpPKD toolkit.