#BumpPKD Video

We are increasing awareness of PKD through social media, shared by you and driven by the hashtag: #BumpPKD.

You can get involved by doing a ‘fist bump’ with one of your family members or friends, before nominating three others in your network to do the same.

Sharing your own video on social media is a simple and effective way of showing your commitment to giving PKD the Bump. By creating your own viral video you can help make people aware of PKD and encourage your friends to do the same. Follow our easy steps below to make your own ‘fist bump’ video.

How to make your own #BumpPKD Video:

Grab a friend with a smart phone and ask them to make a fist!

Grab a friend with a smartphone

Get your friend to rest their phone on their forearm, capturing their fist in the frame, and start filming.

Capture a fist and start filming

Fist bump your friend holding the phone and proudly shout to camera “I’m giving PKD the bump!”

Fist bump your friend

With your friend make your fist bump unique, showcasing your personality, skills and creativity to the camera.

Make your fist bump unique

Bask in the glory of your awesome fist bump and look to the camera as you nominate three friends.

Nominate three friends

Upload your video onto social media with the hashtag #BumpPKD and tag your nominations.

Upload the video

Together we can Give PKD the Bump

PKD International is a global network of patient organisations dedicated to advocating for patients and families affected by all forms of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD International is a non-profit, non-governmental association registered in Geneva, Switzerland.